Separate ‘Swiming Zone’ for women on Cox’s Bazar beach


The district administration has made a separate ‘swimming zone’ for women on the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar. Following some recent incidents of eve-teasing, steps have been taken to ease the serenity of women. Which has been released from today on Thursday.

It is known that this special zone has been built along the Sugnadha point of the sea beach of Cox’s Bazar and beside Hotel Sigal on the right. Two placards were given instructions on both sides of the zone. Besides, for the overall safety, the beach guard has been deployed along with the safety personnel of the women as well as the women for life guards.

The Cox’s Bazar District Administration thinks that single mothers, who are going to visit the school-college-university-educated college girls, visiting the beach beaches of Cox’s Bazar, and small children, can sing the sea.

But this is not the only place where women should bathe at this place. Women can be able to swim anywhere in the beach. However, women who suffer from insecurity, they can safely swim in that zone.


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