Most Popular Smartphones in 2017


Ended in 2017. Many Smartphones have been launched all year long. The market has annexed one another. Google released the list of the most searched phones worldwide.

The list of the most expensive phones in the year, most searched in the last year of 2017, usually takes place in this list. This year is not his exception.

IPhone 8 and 8 Plus
IPhone 8 and 8 plus launches launched in September. Its 64GB variant is available at 64,000 rupees and 256GB variant is available at Tk 86,000. This phone has a Regular LED display with 11 bionic chips.

Apple iPhone 10
Apple has revealed the 10th anniversary of the company’s iPhone 10. The main attraction of the phone is the Full Screen, OLD Display, True Diff Cameras Sensor, Face ID Recognition. The price of the 64 GB variant will be Rs 89,000 and the cost of 256 GB will be Tk 1,02,000.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched in March last year. The market came in April. Phone price is 57,900 taka Although now offers great discounts on the Samsung Christmas Carnival offer this offer.

Nokia 3310
Nokia launched its feature phone Nokia 3310 (2017). Customers are reminded of the old sentiment in the news of this launch. However, the phone could not conquer customers due to lack of 3G or mobile connectivity.

Razor phone
The name for making gaming hardware is called razor. Razor launches phone using flagship hardware. This is the first phone made by the company.

Appo 5
Launched in November the Appo 5 Bazel Lace Display at low prices and a great Avenue camera grabbed the mind of the customers. The phone price is only 16,990 taka.

Oneplus 5
One Plus launched their new phone Oneplus 5 this year. The price of 64GB and 128GB phones was Tk 32,999 and Tk 37,999 respectively. There are dual rear cameras on the phone.

Nokia 6
Nokia 6 This phone was the first phone to be launched after Nokia’s new birth. One of the BESTSELIING of the year, this phone’s stock ended.


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