Coming Restriction to see the ‘Taj Mahal’


Indians tourist can not see the ‘Taj Mahal’ More than 40 thousand in a day. This rule will be effective from January 20 to save the ‘Taj Mahal’ from pollution.

Although no restriction was imposed on the number of foreign tourists. If the number of online-or offline indian visitors touch 40,000, then the ticket will be closed on that day.

The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), proposing the number of visitors to the Taj Mahal philosophy, has proposed. On Wednesday, the meeting was held with the officials of the ASI, Culture Secretary Rabindra Singh, Agra Administration, Police and paramilitary forces were present in the meeting.

Central Minister for Culture Mahesh Sharma was also informed about the decision of the meeting. In this regard, the central minister said that final approval will be given in the next two days.

It is known that a visitor can not stay inside the Taj Mahal for more than three hours. Currently there is no restriction on tourist numbers in the Taj Mahal philosophy. 10-15 thousand visitors arrived on other days of the week, but on holiday it stands at around 70 thousand. In view of this, thinking about the number of visitors was going on in the Taj Mahal pollution as well as preventing incidents like footsteps. Finally this decision is being taken.

An official from the Archaeological Survey of India said, “We want to ensure the safety of this architecture and the safety of the visitors who visit it. Because the issue of Crowd Management is a big challenge to us.


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